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10 Apr 2015

Seoul Art Space Geumcheon | residency call


International call to visual artists for the 7th Resident Artists programme at Seoul Art Space Geumcheon in 2015. For artists from outside Korea, 3 month residencies are offered to 9 artists/artist teams; 2 artists/teams to be selected for an Urban Research Project exhibition in 2016.

Deadline: 10 April 2015 (in Korean time 16:00)

○ Application Field : Visual Artist
○ Residency details (international artists)
Visual arts residencies - 9 artists/artist teams to be selected
Participate in Urban Research Project exhibition (Exhibition will be held in Jun 2016) - 2 artists/artist teams to be selected.
※ The whole fields of visual arts such as painting, installation, video, photography etc.

○ Residency Period (international artists)
3 months - choose between (yyyy.mm.dd)
a. 2015.07.01. ~ 2015.09.30.
b. 2015.10.01. ~ 2015.12.31.
c. 2016.01.01. ~ 2016.03.31.
d. 2016.04.01. ~ 2016.06.30.
- d term: ※Participate in Urban Research Project exhibition & Open Studio

Support details

 For International artists

․ Exemption of the hostel charges and space fee

․ Financial aid for round airplane tickets per person (when residing as a team, only one of team members would be supported)

․ Accommodation (Single room per person, double room per group)

․ Partial sponsorship will be offered to the artists who applied for the Urban Research category.

 Common supporting detail for International and Korean

․ Studio(1 room per person/team)

․ Able to participate in the program at Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon

: Workshop, Urban Reaserch project, Education program, Da Vinci Idea, Expert support program, Open studio and exhibition and etc.

․ Partial production cost supported when having an exhibition at Seoul Art Space_Geumcheon

․ PR supported in Korea and overseas ( ex. PR expenses for solo exhibition)

․ Liberal use of the Media Lab, Warehouse (Large workspace), equipment room, seminar room and kitchen and etc.

Please see the website for full information and application procedure.

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