10 Dec 2017

Reuters photojournalism grants

Reuters is launching a grant program which seeks to recruit and develop a diverse new generation of photojournalists to tell original visual stories from around the world. Reuters is offering up to eight $5,000 USD grants to passionate photojournalists or photojournalism students who are interested in working on photo assignments and projects to advance their abilities and tell new stories.

Pictures taken by grant recipients will be distributed globally on Reuters platforms. Yannis Behrakis, Reuters photojournalist and senior editor, special projects, will advise recipients on their assignments and projects, providing advice or planning assistance.

Candidates do not need to be professional photojournalists, but must demonstrate an ability to successfully conceive and complete their grant project.

Reuters welcomes diverse candidates from all backgrounds and is excited to work with emerging talents who can tell stories from new perspectives.

Further information

Deadline for applications: 10 December 2017

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