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16 Jan 2024

Prince Claus Fund Seed Award 2024

Prince Claus Fund is calling for applications from emerging artists who work in contexts where cultural expression is under pressure to apply for the 2024 Seed Awards. 

The Prince Claus Fund grants Seed Awards to 100 emerging artists. Each Seed Award recipient will receive an award of 5,000 EUR to invest in developing their artistic and cultural practice. 

Eligibility criteria

Artists and cultural practitioners who:

  • are an early career artist or cultural practitioner in the first 1–5 years of their professional artistic/cultural career.
  • are from, living in, and working in countries on our Eligible Country List (which includes many ASEM nations from Asia)
  • are practicing as an individual artist or cultural practitioner
  • would receive an award from the Prince Claus Fund for the first time
  • have an artistic/cultural practice that is dedicated to addressing social/political topics that are relevant to your local context
  • have an artistic or cultural practice that is embedded in the field of art and culture

Each recipient of the Seed Award will receive 5,000 EUR to invest in the development of their artistic and cultural practice. Examples of activities include: 

  • Participation in residency programmes, festivals, workshops, etc.
  • Time and space for the development of a personal project
  • An investment into materials needed for ongoing work
  • Providing compensation for collaborators

Prince Claus Seed Award application guidelines

Deadline: 16 January 2024