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15 Nov 2010

Pakistan: Charles Wallace visiting artists programme

The Charles Wallace Visiting Artists Programme enables arts practitioners from Pakistan to spend time in the UK on arts residencies or for training and familiarization purposes. Currently, these are mainly drawn from the visual arts, but other art forms  also qualify for support.  The duration of stay in the UK can vary from 3 weeks to 3 months, and an all-inclusive monthly stipend of £1,250 will be paid by the Trust, also a return economy air fare.   There is no provision for course or bench fees.  

The Trust has a relationship with two UK institutions with an interest in Pakistani art:

  • The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, affiliated to the University of Wales (http://www.psta.org.uk/).  Under a partnership between the Prince’s School in London and the National College of Arts (NCA) in Lahore, a Pakistani artist or craftsperson is invited to spend a term working at the School in London each year.  Fees are waived by the School and living expenses are met by CWPT. Those interested in applying should approach the Principal of NCA in Lahore. 

  • Gasworks (http://www.gasworks.org.uk/), the London Arts Centre, offers an arts residency to a Pakistani contemporary artist each year.  Gasworks is affiliated to the Triangle Arts Trust (http://www.trianglearts.org/), an international network of artists and arts organizations, of which VASL (http://www.vaslart.org/)  in Pakistan is an active member.  The annual Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust and Rangoonwala Residency at Gasworks is described on these sites, including details of the terms and conditions, and how to apply.

Individual applications

Apart from the partnerships described above, it is also open to individual arts practitioners from Pakistan to make their own arrangements with a host institution in the UK and apply direct to the Trust’s Secretary for support under this programme.  Funds are very limited so ‘open’ applications must be outstanding in quality.  The Secretary’s contact details are shown above.