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14 May 2020

#newciclo2020 Adaptation & Transition challenge

While preparing for the second Ci.CLO biennale of Photography in 2021, the Ci.CLO team felt the need to revisit the theme of the Bienal'19: ‘Adaptation and Transition’. 

With the current new reality of urgency at a global level: millions of lives are suspended and many others are at risk; from one day to the next, we observe great individual and collective changes. More than ever, it is imperative to (re)think transition processes and develop other ways of being and acting.

In response to this situation Ci.CLO invite artists and the general community to share, through photographs or video, their interpretation of the challenges and changes that face us now.

This is an exercise on what this moment of ’Adaptation’ and ’Transition’ can represent for a ‘new’ Ci.CLO in the history of humanity — a time of great challenges, of survival, but also of great opportunities for social and ecological regeneration.

All are welcome to share their visual thoughts with Ci.CLO by posting an image (or several) on your Instagram profile, accompanied by a title and / or a short description, using the hashtag #newciclo2020. If your profile is private, send your material by private message to Ci.CLO via Instagram.

This challenge will last for a quarantine period of 40 days, during which Ci.CLO will share some of the images submitted on Instagram ‘stories'. Ci.CLO plans to include a selection of images, duly identified, to be exhibited in a public intervention space as part of Bienal'21. The selected images for this intervention will be announced until the end of September.

Deadline for uploads: 14 May 2020

For more information: https://ciclo-bienal.org/en/