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17 May 2019

New Zealand | New Work to Asia Fund 2019

Call for applications from eligible organisations/individuals in New Zealand and from arts organisations/presenters in Asia to apply for Creative New Zealand's New Work to Asia Fund. This fund supports the development of new, high-quality New Zealand work for presentation in targeted territories in Asia.

This fund is for the development of new, high-quality New Zealand work for presentation in targeted territories in Asia. It’s part of Creative NZ Focus on Asia initiative. Priority will be given to projects where the presenter(s) is investing financially in the development and presentation of the new work.  

Who can apply

  • As an individual you must be a New Zealand (NZ) citizen or permanent resident.
  • Well established NZ-based organisations.
  • If you are an overseas-based NZ artist or organisation you can apply, but your application must show direct benefit to NZ arts and you must have it endorsed by:
    • NZ artist(s) currently resident in NZ and/or;
    • well-established NZ-based arts organisation(s).

Applications from arts organisations/presenters in Asia

We encourage applications from arts organisations or presenters based in targeted territories in Asia* who are:

  • collaborating with NZ organisations, and
  • considering commissioning or co-commissioning the development of new, high-quality work to be presented in Asia.

*Targeted territories are China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.

Eligibility for New Work to Asia

  1. The work must be presented in one of the targeted Focus on Asia territories - China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.
  2. Applicants must supply written evidence of strong interest from a presenter in at least one of the targeted territories. As part of this, there must be an indication of presentation dates and financial commitment from the presenter(s).
  3. A copy of the applicant’s international strategy must be attached.

Applications must demonstrate the following:

  • The work must be suitable for audiences in one or more of the targeted territories.  
  • The work must be of high artistic merit.
  • New work includes work already in development.
  • Projects must be aligned with the New Zealand artist/organisation’s international goals.

Projects must demonstrate the potential for new and ongoing strategic relationships and/or cultural and artistic exchange. 

Deadline for applications: 17 May 2019

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