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01 Oct 2023

Netherlands | 2023 Matching Fund for heritage and culture

The 2023 Matching Fund is calling for Dutch organisations to apply with projects that contribute to the visibility of the history and heritage that connects the Netherlands with the partner and focus countries that are included in the Dutch International Cultural Policy.

This fund is part of the Netherlands’ work, together with international partners, to preserve, manage and give visibility to international cultural heritage. Because visibility is the central goal of the scheme, the fund expects applications to place a strong emphasis on reciprocal representation, multiperspectivity and historical awareness

Who can apply?

Legal entities established in the Netherlands can submit an application for a project. This may be a heritage institution or heritage professional and/or a cultural institution or cultural professional. 

Annually, there is 180,000 EUR available for this scheme. A total of 75% of the available budget is reserved for projects with the partner countries and a maximum of 25% is available for projects with the focus countries.

Partner countries: Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Suriname, United States

Focus countries: Belgium, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, Poland, Korea, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom.

Application guidelines  

Deadlines: 26 March and 1 October 2023

The partners of the project are: DutchCulture, centre for international cooperation, the National Archives of the Netherlands, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, and the Dutch Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage and Embasies in the partner countries.