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31 Mar 2019

Ljubljana International Literary Residency - open call

Poster announcing Ljubljana International Literary Residency 2019

International Call for 'Writer in the Park', Ljubljana International Literary Residency offering two one-month residencies for writers at the newly restored Švicarija/Swisshouse Creative Centre, which is part of the International Centre of Graphic Arts.in Ljubljana, a UNESCO City of Literature since 2015. 

1–31 October 2019 and 20 November–20 December 2019 (one month per residency/applicant).

The residency is aimed at foreign published writers with a palpable, factual relation with any of the other UNESCO Cities of Literature that has to be apparent and described as part of the application. This means the applicant was or has been living in one of the other 27 cities of literature or is related to a city of literature through work. The full list of the cities of literature can be found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_of_Literature

The applicant must have published at least one book of fiction (be it prose, poetry or drama) in their native language. There are no restrictions regarding age, race, gender or nationality. Though writers of all genres are currently welcome to apply, a specific focus might be chosen for calls in the following years.

Each resident will get a sum amount of the grant and travel expenses of €1000 gross in total (details regarding potential wire-transfer charges and other expenses can be found in the contract). Each resident will stay in their own, separate and fully equipped apartment with a kitchenette at Švicarija/Swisshouse [part of MGLC – International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana], along with other artists-residents.
Local public transportation costs will be covered. Access to the Internet will be provided. Through targeted activities and networking possibilities, suited to each resident’s profile, the organisers will help them get to know the vibrant art and literary scene in Ljubljana. Opportunities for public presentation of the residents’ work will be made possible, as well as meetings with translators, if necessary and/or applicable. During the resident’s stay, some group activities, such as meetings with the organiser, publishers etc., may be scheduled. Residents are required to take care of medical insurance and are responsible for their meals and household. Additional guests cannot be hosted.

Though residents are not required to undertake, and apply with, a specific project for the duration of their stay, they are nonetheless expected to create a short literary piece (a story, an essay, a series of poems), in one way or another pertaining to the Švicarija/Swisshouse’s central concept of »community, art and nature«, and Ljubljana, a UNESCO city of literature, that they will be willing, and able, to present to the public (e.g., at a reading). This piece will be translated and published in a chosen medium (literary and other magazines, whether printed or online, newspapers, etc.); we do not, however, reserve any rights. The resident is encouraged to show an interest, and partake, in local literary events and other related activities—which will be coordinated according to other local events as well as the needs and interests of the given resident—however, at least one public performance (e.g., a reading of the piece, completed at the residency) is expected. Unless agreed otherwise, there are no additional honoraria for these activities.

Švicarija/Swisshouse is a cultural, educational and social hub located in the heart of Ljubljana’s central park—situated just a few steps from the city centre—which offers public programmes, studio facilities for local artists, and residencies for international artists and experts. The centre is also a home to extensive public programme that follows the concept of “community, art and nature”. It is part of MGLC – International Centre of Graphic Arts, a specialised museum, producer of printed and contemporary art, and provider of artist residencies, based on the heritage of the 20th century art of printing and Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, world’s oldest printmaking biennale which has been running uninterrupted since 1955.

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, was a World Book Capital in 2010. After being awarded a UNESCO City of Literature in 2015, it joined a world-wide network of 28 cities, and committed to actively promote literature, reading culture, and engage in activities that would strengthen the collaboration in the field of writing and publishing. Ljubljana bursts with a vibrant art scene and offers an array of diverse literary events from alternative performances to big international festivals. The residency offers peace and quiet for uninterrupted writing, yet it also offers the possibility to actively engage in the city’s literary life.

- Name
- Address
- Nationality
- Date of birth
- Originating UNESCO City of Literature
- Relation to originating UNESCO City of Literature (Ljubljana being a Unesco city of literature, one of the aims of this residence is also to strenghten the international network of Unesco cities of literature. Therefore, writers with some sort of discernible connection with another Unesco city of literature are invited to participate. Of course we understand, and know from experience, that place of birth or current residence cannot be the only criteria, so applicants have the option to describe this relation in their own words and convince the jury.)
- Books published (most recent; at least one; if translated, list languages)
- Current interests and projects (up to 150 words)
- What will you most likely focus on during the residency: manuscript/project/networking/other
Preferred period (October; November/December; no preference)

PLEASE SEND THE APPLICATIONS TO damjan@ljubljanacityofliterature.com.
Contact via this email or call +386 41 541 306 in case of any questions.
A draft of the contract is available upon request.


Ljubljana Literary Residency Program is supported by Municipality of Ljubljana, Department for Culture and MGLC – International Centre of Graphic Arts.