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10 Jul 2010

Korea: Space Beam artists residency

Space Beam is currently looking for artists and researchers to participate in the Artists-in-Residence 2010, at alternative art space based in port city Incheon, South Korea.  Dialogue with local community and artistic investigation of network theme.

Space Beam is an alternative art space based in Baedari, East Incheon, South Korea that has been actively providing a forum for discussions and conducting various art practices concerning the social role of art in the local community.

2010 Space Beam Artists-in-Residence Programme

Residency dates: 14th August-27th September 2010
Location: Space Beam and Baedari Village, Incheon, South Korea

Programme Outline - 'Public Studio V: Boat and Bridge_Net'

The theme of this year's programme is 'Network' which reflects the historical characteristic of the region, Baedari, where Space Beam is located.  One of the villages in the port city, Incheon, the name, Baedari, is a compound of the two words: Boat and Bridge.  The boats were used as the bridge to connect the villages and the people. The village became a place for cultural exchange and networking since Incheon had been the open port to foreign trade in 19th century.

The main concern of our residency programme is the process and development of extensive artistic investigation, interrogation, intervention, engagement and dialogue between the invited artists and the local community.  We organize meetings, talks and tours with local audience, artists, students, art professionals and many others to promote mutual understandings and share fresh ideas.

There is neither individual studio provided nor expectation for the completion of artwork. Instead, artists and researchers upload and share the texts and images of the research and art experiments during the process. There are a shared space, wood workshop and facilities available when participants need to produce art works. As a result, texts and visual dialogues will be published as a book.

Programme Guidelines and Schedule
- Participants: three national artists and five international artists
(We wish to encourage applicants to be interested in urbanism, regional, social study, urban policy and history.)

- Support and Stipend:


Travel expenses (up to 2,000,000 KRW)

1,500,000 KRW Grant for project and research

Studio and facilities on request

Information for research and project

Various networking opportunities

- Deadline and Qualifications:
Applications must arrive no later than 10th July (Sat) 2010

There is no limitation for applicants.
Anyone can apply who is willing and able to conduct the programme.
International artists are required to have fluency in English or Korean.
* those who have not been to Korea or Incheon are preferable.

For all other details (programme, how to apply, selection procedure), please see website.

Source: Artservis