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30 Apr 2024

Korea | National Asian Culture Center CREATORS Residency 2024

The National Asian Culture Center (ACC) is calling for applications from international artists for their ACC CREATORS Residency, which takes place in Gwangju, Korea, from the end of July to the end of November 2024.

The ACC CREATORS Residency aims to build a sustainable platform at the intersection of arts and technology. It is dedicated to sharing forward-looking and creative ideas of creators—artists, experts, researchers, and engineers—and supporting the development and production of their projects.

The ACC CREATORS Residency 2024 explores the relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) and human consciousness. It aims to reconsider how humans connect with non-human entities and extend this exploration to the relationships between humans and non-humans, as well as among non-humans themselves, to delve into principles and meanings that inform how the world and universe operate within a network of complex systems. Positioned within a multiverse framework, rather than a singular universe, the residency intends to stimulate contemplation on the evolution of human life and consciousness alongside advancements in AI and broaden our vision of humanity’s future through the lens of creators in the realm of arts and technology.

A total of 8 teams (individuals or groups) will be selected. 


  • Creators with experience in activities such as labs, projects, exhibitions, and performances in related fields, including the fusion of art and technology, art, media, engineering, biotechnology, etc. 
  • Individuals (including all group members) who have not participated in the ACC residency programme within the last two years
  • Group applications must not exceed two members.


  • 22,000,000 KRW (per project)
  • one roundtrip international flight ticket and one roundtrip domestic transportation
  • workshop space and accommodation

CREATORS Residency 2024 application guidelines 

Deadline: 30 April 2024