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31 Jul 2021

Jérôme Bel international call to choreographers

The choreographer Jérôme Bel has put out an international call on his Facebook page for submissions of short dance pieces from all over the world (except Europe) which can be passed on by remote means by the choreographer author to local dancers for performance at the contemporary dance festival DansFabrik in Brest, France in 2022.

"For a new sustainable curatorial experiment, I am looking for dance pieces from all over the world (except Europe). In order to avoid polluting travels, the choreographers will have to pass on their existing pieces to local dancers with the means of their choice (scores, videos, remote rehearsals, delegated rehearsals, etc…). These pieces will be performed in a theater during a contemporary dance festival , DansFabrik, in Brest (Brittany) between February 21 and 28 2022. The duration of the pieces must be between 5 and 20 minutes.The stage is 10mx10m. There are 500 seats in the theater."

The choreographers interested in this experience are invited to check Jérôme Bel's Facebook page and send him a PM with the link of the video of their piece.

Once the pieces have been selected (in September 2022), the festival team will provide artistic, technical and financial resources so that the transmission chosen by the choreographers can take place in the best conditions.

Please NOTE, there is no deadline on the call - the date published here is indicative but interested choreographers need to check with Jérôme Bel if the call is still open.

The call on FB was published 15 July 2021