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28 Apr 2024

Japan | Aomori Contemporary Art Centre Artist in Residence ‘Spinning Scapes’

Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC) is calling for applications from contemporary artists, curators, researchers and others who are involved in cultural and artistic endeavours for their ‘Spinning Scapes’ residency, to take place at the foothills of the Hakkoda Mountains, Japan, between 2 October and 24 December 2024. 

This programme offers artists the opportunity to practice preparing for exhibitions, performances, workshops, talks and other activities, with the full support of ACAC. Although holding an exhibition is not compulsory, participants are required to introduce their achievements through some form of Exchange Programme.

This year’s name, ‘Spinning Scapes’, combines ‘scape’, referring to the ‘landscape (of something)’, with the word ‘spinning’, which refers to something rapidly rotating or the act of spinning yarn. Natural and human-made disasters, including wars and earthquakes, can drastically change our everyday landscapes. Recently, in such situations, we have had cause to think about what we can accomplish in the world. By having various artists from around the world gather at ACAC, their movements, which are completely different in terms of speed, methods, and trajectories, will involve local residents, students, and the surrounding environment, creating unprecedented ‘scapes’.

The length of stay is optional. Participants are asked to select the desired period of time in 2-week increments, from a minimum of one 2-week term to a maximum of six 2-week terms. The period of stay at the ACAC must be chosen from terms between 2 October and 24 December 2024. 


  • Travel expenses (up to 150,000 JPY for international and up to 70,000 JPY for domestic travel)
  • Production expenses (40,000 JPY per term or 80,000 JPY per month)
  • Exhibition-related event expenses (50,000 JPY)
  • Studio space
  • Accommodation 
  • Living costs (the full amount of living expenses is 225,720 JPY or 46,200 JPY for one term)

ACAC Artist in Residence ‘Spinning Scapes’ application guidelines

Deadline: 28 April 2024