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13 Nov 2022

i Light Singapore 2023 open call

The 9th edition of i Light Singapore is calling for artist to propose innovative light art installations that encompass associations with the colour blue, to be displayed at Marina Bay, Singapore, 2 June to 25 June 2023. 

For this edition, i Light Singapore continues to invite artists to explore various forms of Sustainability and Sustainable Living—of environment, economy and culture—and examine how light art can create conversations about our lifestyles, decision making and the community.

The curatorial theme of i Light Singapore 2023, A New Wave, calls for innovative light art installations that encompass associations with the colour blue—the limitless potential of technology to create novel experiences beyond the physical, and the synergy between nature and technology. 


All local, regional, and international artists, including architects, designers of various specialties (lighting, product, industrial, etc.), artists and multimedia specialists are invited to submit a light art installation proposal for i Light Singapore 2023.


The budget available to selected artist(s) to produce and deliver the light art installations is 18,000 SGD each, which will cover the following: 

  • Artist and design fee
  • Selected artwork production costs
  • Additional logistics cost (e.g. air freight, local logistics), if required
  • Additional artist airfare and accommodation outside of what is provided by the Festival 
  • Any other special maintenance and operation cost

The festival will also cover the following costs: 

  • Venue liaison and site management 
  • Local regulatory approvals 
  • Transportation of artwork 
  • Insurance coverage
  • General maintenance of the artwork during the Festival period 
  • General security during set up, tear down, and during the Festival period
  • Airfare and accommodation for one person, up to a maximum of five days, for the purpose of installing the artwork and attending the Festival opening

Application guidelines 

Deadline: 13 November 2022