30 Sep 2017

Hirosaki Apple Design Award 2017 | call for entries

designboom in collaboration with Hirosaki Design Week and Japan Design Week invites entries for the Hirosaki Apple Design Award 2017 - on the theme of APPLE (Hirosaki city is the largest producer of apples in Japan). Participation is open to professionals, students and design enthusiasts from every country in the world.

We welcome entries from students aged 15 or older.

The city of Hirosaki is located in the Aomori prefecture of northern Japan, and is renowned for its status as the largest producer of apples in the country. In order to promote this unique characteristic, the public is invited to develop creative expressions related to the theme of 'apple'. The subject can be interpreted through various mediums, including film, graphics, products, space design, and architectural concepts. Submissions should express Hirosaki's apple production in novel and innovative ways, and should aim to communicate the essence of 'apple' as it relates to the landscape, local life, and city as a whole.

Free registration required.

Information on how to enter and prizes form part of the Official Rules, please read them carefully before entering.

- GRAND PRIX award € 6,000 euro
- Second prize € 1,000 euro

Application registration will be accepted up to 23:59(GMT), Sept. 30, 2017.

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