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31 Mar 2012

5th Fotobook Festival Dummy Award 2012 | call for submissions


Photographers are invited to present their unpublished photobooks to an international expert jury. The best 50 books will be exhibited as part of the 5th International Photobook festival in Paris. The first prize is a complete book production by publishers Seltmann+Soehne

The 50 exhibited books will be selected by a pre-jury. This pre-jury comprises Markus Schaden (Bookseller, Publisher, Cologne), Sebastian Hau (Le Bal Books, Paris), Inga Schneider (International Photobook Festival, Cologne), Laurence Vecten (Lozen Up, Paris), Dieter Neubert (International Photobook Festival, Kassel).

The main jury comprises Gerry Badger (Critic, Photographer, London), Todd Hido (Photographer, USA), Markus Schaden (Bookseller, Publisher, Cologne), Dieter Neubert (International Photobook Festival, Kassel), Oliver Seltmann (Publisher, Berlin), Diane Dufour (Director Le Bal, Paris), Andreas Müller-Pohle, European Photography, Berlin), Sebastian Hau (Le Bal Books, Paris), Laurence Vecten (Lozen Up, Paris).

The winning book will be produced by printing and publishing partner seltmann+soehne. This work will also be presented in the art magazine European Photography. The 2nd and 3rd prizes will be supplied by partner Blurb: the 2nd prize is books to the value of 500 Euros, the 3rd prize books to the value of 300 Euros.

Entry conditions for the Photobook Dummy Award as part of the 5th International Photobook Festival @ Le Bal from 20 to 22 April 2012.


  • printed books have to be sent by the photographers/authors

  • around 50 books will be selected for the festival exhibition

  • from the 50 exhibited books, the jury will choose the 3 winners. The 1st winner will receive a complete photobook production

  • of all the entered and printed books (even those not selected for the exhibition)PDF files are required to be shown digitally at the festival

Who can enter

Photographers based in any country in the world who follow the competition's terms and conditions.

Registration fees

Entries can only be registered online; click here to access the registration process. Fees are 32.00 € per entry and book. There is no limitation to the number of entries per person. To have your book(s) returned, the following postage and handling charges will apply:
Within Germany 6.00 €
Within Europe 13.00 €
All other countries 20.00 €
You can transfer the total amount electronically to our account via Paypal only during the registration process.


Entries close on 31 March 2012. Latest arrival day is 5 April.

Read full entry conditions 



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