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13 May 2016

Flux Laboratory | call for project proposals


Flux Laboratory in Switzerland has begun a contest for the use of its spaces and infrastructure, with the aim of supporting a project over a specific period of time, from October 2016 until July 2017, that would be a good match for the philosophy and concept behind the space.

According to their field of research or activity - cultural, political, economic, sociological, technological, ecological, humanitarian - applicants will have a history and a vision of inventing, improving and transforming. Drawing from their collaborative, cross-disciplinary approach, they will have the ability to open a new window onto a society in transition.

The winning person or team will be given “carte blanche” to implement its project in a spirit of creation, innovation and openness. The idea is to redesign the Flux Laboratory spaces with a scientific, educational, event-driven or cultural program that creates a link with the society around them, over a period of nine months.

The winning person or team will be provided with time, workspace and support services - note: there are no specific travel grants or accommodation provision mentioned in the Call for projects.

Deadline: 13 May 2016

Further information and next steps in the file "Call for projects" / dossier en français "Appel à projets"

Flux Laboratory, based in Geneva and Zurich, is a multidisciplinary experimental space based in Geneva, surrounded by a rich ecosystem of entrepreneurs, artists, designers and free spirit individuals.

Flux Laboratory inspires creative works and ideas by acting as a crossroads where the performing, visual and plastic arts meet with the worlds of technology, the media and the economy. Our collaborations with over 400 artists have given Flux Laboratory a wealth of experiences. We connect with the labor economy by hosting, creating and sponsoring artistic projects.

Driven by the desire to discover the point where art meets society, we have used our space to realize our collaborative and participatory vision of the arts as a mean of communicating society’s problems. We believe this vision could apply to any discipline, such as science, philosophy, economics or politics.