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15 Oct 2017

Estonia | Tartu Artist in Residence - open call for 2018


Tartu Artist in Residence Open Call for the year 2018! Artists of various disciplines will have the opportunity to work, live and find new inspiration in the scenic city of Tartu, Estonia for a period of one or three months. Projects connected to the theme of 'Celebrations' are invited since Estonia is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2018.

The deadline for applications is 15.10.17

TAiR is a unique artist in residence program that is realized through the collaboration of various partner organizations who contribute different skills & resources, thereby making it possible to cater to different genres. Our main areas of competence are printmaking and visual arts, but the program is open to artists from all creative disciplines. Based on the applications from artists, we try to tailor each residency to meet the requirements of the project.

Although we mainly work with artists, we are looking forward to also hosting curators and art scholars provided that we work out a meaningful project.

Here is some information about the two residencies options in 2018:

  • A short-term residency (about one month) at the end of which a public outcome is possible (open studio, workshop, artist talk, etc.).

  • A long-term residency (about three months) at the end of which a public outcome is expected (exhibition, performance, artist talk, etc.).

For 2018, we are looking forward to projects connected to the theme of ‘Celebrations’. The year 2018 is indeed a time of great celebration for Estonia as the country is celebrating its 100th anniversary. To sum up the history of Estonia’s independence in a few sentences: on the 24th of February 1918, Estonia declared its autonomy for the first time. Declaring independence in an official manifesto doesn’t sadly make it happen so easily in reality, especially at the time of war. Although it took more than a document to achieve freedom, the 24th of February 2018 is still regarded as the Independence Day and is, therefore, the centenary of the Republic of Estonia.

The organisers provide free accommodation, studio space, some financial production supports and other local assistance. A modest contribution (300€) is expected for each residency and the long-term residency offers a travel grant of up to € 400. See website for full details.