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12 Jun 2011

Design Halls Competition Helsinki


The Design Halls Competition invites students, professionals, and other individuals, to submit design proposals for the renovation of the Junailijankuja 5 student housing complex, which will be used to house over 200 European exchange students. 8 concepts will be selected to deliver a fresh new identity to each of the sixteen floors of the building. Selected designers are expected to take part in the execution and delivery of their proposal.

This project is a joint initiative by the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region, and the Demos Helsinki think tank. It is inspired by the percent-for-art principle, a Finnish governmental programme from 1964 that uses visual arts, local culture and architecture to improve the quality of everyday life.

Entries should be submitted as PDF files to junnu.design@gmail.com. The selected designs will each receive a prize of 1000 Euros, and the designer's name will be painted on the building walls.

Download design template