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01 Sep 2017

Delfina London | residency call for Indonesian artist


With support from IndoArtNow and SAM Fund for Arts & Ecology, Delfina Foundation is offering a three-month residency in London for an Indonesian artist living and working in Indonesia. The residency period is spring 2018 during our thematic programme Performance as Process. Therefore, we are seeking applications from artists who are interested in exploring this theme.

The exact dates will be clarified soon; however, generally, DF’s spring season is early April to late June.

Performance as Process

Since 2014, thematic programmes uniquely define DF’s residencies and public programmes. During each thematic programme, DF fosters critical discourse about the arts and civic society through public seminars, screenings, performances, meals, exhibitions, and other events.  Just as important, DF develops internal events and workshops for participants as well as carefully defined audiences.

In our first iteration of Performance as Process in winter 2015, we brought together 12 participants, from choreographers to curators to broadly explore how ‘performance’ - from daily routines to public protests to religious rituals - plays an inherent role in the cultural production.

In our second stage of Performance as Process in spring 2016, themes of translation through choreography and language were embedded in the practice of many of the participants. The invited artists considered how re-articulating objects, sounds, texts, movements, cultures, and environments through performance can produce new subjectivities.

DF is now seeking applications for the third stage of the programme in spring 2018. Applicants should note that DF considers performance as a way of approaching and understanding the world, just as much as it is a medium of producing art and/or engaging with the public. Applicants do not need to be ‘performance artists’ or work with ‘live art’, rather the programme explores performativity within artistic practices and how artworks are received or perceived. Residents will be invited to research, create new work, meet and collaborate, share skills, and/or reflect on the performative aspect of their work, which – as mentioned above - could range from ‘fine art’ or live art.

By creating a focused environment, DF aims to facilitate collaborative exchange fostering new ideas and projects. During the residency, DF will support peer-to-peer conversations between residents through a series of informal gatherings and meals, as well as targeted organisational visits and opportunities to engage with artists, academics, and researchers interested in the areas of focus. These internal events will be complemented by an external public programme of talks, screenings, dinners and panel discussions presenting the work, ideas and exchanges taking place.

More information on DF’s previous programmes can be found here. DF advises applicants to look at previous events and the work of previous residents to get a sense of how broadly they have explored the theme.


• A twelve-week residency in London, including one return, economy-class flight, and a living allowance for food/per diems and materials;

• A single bedroom at DF, which is a shared house with some shared facilities, such as the laundry room, kitchen, and dining room;

• Opportunities to engage in the art scene in the UK through structured and independent time and activities; and

• Access to a programme of planned group activities and visits to cultural organisations in the UK.

*** Please note that artist-duos or collectives will not be accepted as there is only space for one artist.  Accordingly, artists are not able to bring partners or families to the residency.  In some cases, short visits can be accommodated.


• An Indonesian citizen, currently living and working in Indonesia;

• Interest in engaging in the thematic programme;

• Seeking an opportunity to develop his/her practice and the concepts of his/her artistic work;

• Able to explain how the experience of an international residency may benefit his/her career development and local networks; and

• Proficient in English.

Deadline for applications: 1 September 2017