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27 Mar 2023

culture360 Media Partnership | ECO Film Lab in Bangladesh

culture360.ASEF.org is delighted to be the media partner of the ECO Film Lab: An International Film Residency in Bangladesh. The programme, organised by Bangladesh International Academy of Film and Media, explores hands-on visual storytelling in the context of local nature, culture, the human story, as well as Climate change. The film residency will amplify the awareness of climate change as well as sustainable film production with a Green Filming approach.

Selected filmmakers will be divide into 5 groups to make 5 short films with the mentorship of global film professionals. The Lab will last 15 days, with online sessions from 27 - 31 March 2023 and on-site work on a special houseboat in Tanguar Haor, Sunamganj, from 5-15 April 2023.

After completing the short film shooting, the filmmakers will get a full post-production support opportunity from the world's top film school the American Film Institute AFI. The shorts will be evaluated by an international jury and the winning group will get a special scholarship from the renowned American film organisation the Sundance Collab to develop their Feature project. The rest of the groups will still get a number of opportunities to make their film career smother with lots of offers and partnerships with international organisations.

For more details please visit: https://ecofilmlab.iafmedu.net/

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