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03 Feb 2022

Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2022 - call for nominations

Every year the Creative Bureaucracy Festival offers a platform for the multitude of unsung heroes across the globe, and puts new ideas in the spotlight. To help make the year 2022 the celebration that creative bureaucracies deserve, we are asking Creative Bureaucrats and allies at all levels to nominate their projects, initiatives, organisations, researches, colleagues, partners or innovative groundbreaking ideas.

There are ten different topics - selected Creative Bureaucrats will become part of the programme at the online Digital Kick-Off Day on Thu, 24 March 2022 (online) and at the Creative Bureaucracy Festival on Thu, 2 June 2022 (live on stage in Berlin). Help the organisers find Creative Bureaucrats across the globe and celebrate their achievements!

To nominate your idea, we ask you to submit a brief proposal by completing our official form. You can either nominate your own projects or you can nominate someone else for their brilliant work. This includes some general facts, visual material such as photos or videos, as well as a preview, outline or clear description of your proposal.

You can hand in your information in German or English. If you’re interested in submitting in a different language or if you have a question regarding your nomination, let us know at programme@creativebureaucracy.org.

Deadline for nominations: 3 February 2022

The Creative Bureaucracy Festival celebrates outstanding innovation in the public sector and its contribution to a better, more sustainable, and more just world. It brings together bureaucrats and their allies – those who, at all levels of government, fight for the common good and make a difference.

Our mission: We want to cultivate a more positive attitude towards the public sector as well as more drive and eagerness to experiment within the public sector.

We do so in two ways: Firstly, we organize the annual Creative Bureaucracy Festival – this year in its fourth edition and, for the second time, mostly online. Secondly, we want to become the digital library for bureaucracy at its best – a platform for good ideas and creative minds, open for business year-round.