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10 Oct 2017

Can Serrat - residency open call for musicians


Can Serrat International Art Residency announces a Residency Open Call for Musicians. This Open Call is meant to support musical production and to offer a working and living space for musicians. The residency takes place in February 2018. Can Serrat is located in a rural environment at the foot of Montserrat massif in Catalonia, 45km from Barcelona.

Can Serrat will invite 1 musician/ sound artist for a full grant in addition to inviting 6 groups/solo musicians for a partial aid support stipend.

What do we offer?
With this Open Call, Can Serrat will select musician/sound artist to have a Full Grant:

  • One month of residency at Can Serrat during February 2018.

  • A private room.

  • Private working space.

  • Access to shared spaces (kitchen, toilets, bathrooms, etc.)

  • Food supply.

  • Use of the technical equipment (sound gear, both for recording and playing live, projectors, etc.)

  • Possibility to workshop or discuss the project with the residency staff.

  • Promotion of project and work through social media.

  • Human and technical resources regarding the project.

In addition to the special fully granted programming in February of 2018, Can Serrat offers: partial grant#1 to 1 musical project, partial grant#2 to 2 musical projects and partial grant#3 to 3 musical projects.

[The grants do not include travel expenses.]

Who is it for?

  • All the grants is for musical groups up to 5 participants or single musicians (or sound artists).

  • There is no age or nationality restrictions.



Is located in El Bruc, at the foot of Montserrat and only 45 km from Barcelona. This center was founded in 1989 by a group of 11 Norwegian artists*. It has several spaces / workshops and a beautiful natural environment. With a pleasant path from the house we soon get to the bottom of one of the most spectacular areas around the massif of Montserrat, “Les Agülles “ – Community of artists from all over the world – integrating a Catalan village of 2000 inhabitants, and indeed their daily lives