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31 Jul 2018

Call for Proposals: Feasibility Study on Private Sector Funding for Cultural Mobility


Background and context here: www.asef.live/mobilityfirst  


2019 will mark the 3rd year of the Mobility First! travel grant and after 2 full years (2017-2018) of funding the grant solely through the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), we are now looking to have funding partners to join us in strongly supporting cultural mobility, and thereby increasing the number of artists and cultural professionals supported by the grant. At the moment, we are at a 9% support rate.

The long-term sustainability of mobility funding schemes is possible through partnerships between different stakeholders at different levels. As such, the main objective of this feasibility study is finding concrete prospective funding partners for Mobility First!

The funding partners could be individuals or organisations, and they need not be from the cultural sector alone. We believe that any individual or organisation who advocates innovation, local development, the redressing of global market imbalances, and who are passionate about the pursuit of sustainable development goals, could be interested in supporting cultural mobility.

Furthermore, creators need to meet and exchange ideas, so anyone who believes that it is right to invest in creative people could support cultural mobility, because creative people, in order to stay creative, need to move. They need to confront themselves with other realities in order to produce new ideas and remain competitive in their work.


The researcher who will do this feasibility study, ideally with proven business development or fundraising experience, is expected to:

  • Examine the landscape of Asia and Europe for possible opportunities for private funding for Mobility First!
    • Multinational or global companies that have operations in Asia or Europe should also be considered
  • Provide an analysis of the landscape and a logical flow for identifying sectors or areas of opportunity e.g. airline industry, private foundations, individual philanthropists
  • Identify opportunities for private funding for Mobility First! including:
    • Rationale (e.g. matching or complementing missions and values)
    • Possible structure of partnership (e.g. Singapore-based foundation “X” might only consider funding Singaporeans travelling out of Singapore or incoming arts practitioners into Singapore, Mr. “Y” might be willing to contribute to the multilateral fund with no preference for nationalities supported…)
    • Contacts
  • Identify risks and alternatives
  • Conclusions and recommendations
  • Include other relevant information in the feasibility study as per the researcher’s methodology

Tentative timeline

31 July: Call for Proposals closes

10 August: Selected researcher finalised

30 September: Submission of Study 

Financial Remuneration

The selected researcher will be paid a fee commensurate to his or her background and experience.

Proposal deadline

To send a proposal for this feasibility study, please send the following documents:

  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Proposal: methodology or your plan on how to embark on this study

All proposals should be sent via email to Ms Fatima Avila at fatima.avila@culture360.org by 31 July 2018, 11:59 pm, Singapore time (GMT+8)

Download the full Call for Proposals document here