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31 Oct 2019

Call for Proposals: 2020 Partnerships with ASEF Unplugged

ASEF Unpluged 2020 Open Call


The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) is now inviting proposals from arts organisations to partner with us on our event-series ASEF Unplugged-Conversations on the Arts in Asia and Europe, which aims to facilitate more open and engaging conversations on topics of local or bi-regional interest  

In its first year, ASEF Unplugged has travelled to 11 countries, engaged 44 subject matter experts as speakers and partnered with 33 organisations to organise 22 events attended by over 1,000 artists, cultural professionals, government representatives, students and academics. In delivering these outcomes and most importantly, in fostering meaningful conversations among audiences in Asia & Europe, partnerships are at the core of ASEF Unplugged.

In 2020, we look forward to working with more partners to bring ASEF Unplugged to wider audiences and facilitate conversations on topics & issues they care about.     

What is ASEF Unplugged?

ASEF Unplugged is an event series which aims to provide more spaces for open and authentic peer-to-peer conversations on arts, culture and heritage. Inspired by the tradition of ‘unplugged’ music concerts (which are performed with acoustic rather than electrically amplified instruments), ASEF Unplugged conversations create an informal atmosphere that allow for an open exchange of ideas among cultural professionals from Asia and Europe.

Why co-organise an ASEF Unplugged?

ASEF Unplugged was developed in response to the new needs of audiences to be actively engaged in conversations, beyond being mere passive receivers of information. To this end, ASEF Unplugged takes on various formats – as a standalone event, either public or closed-door; as part of a festival or conference; as an information booth, Pecha Kucha, panel, and many others! – to provide a platform for meaningful exchange between participants and audiences.

Where are ASEF Unplugged events held?

All events taking place in ASEM member countries are welcome. Preference will be given to countries where an ASEF Unplugged event has not been held before. Kindly refer to this list for locations of previous events.

When should ASEF Unplugged events take place in the proposal to be submitted?

This open call is for events taking place from January to June 2020

The deadline for this open call is 30 September 2019

How to send a proposal?

Detailed instructions are now on https://asef.live/unpluggedpartners

All proposal should be submitted through the following application form: