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04 Nov 2012

Better Learning Better Life | Asia Pacific film/writing contest


Improving learning – not just education - is increasingly recognized as critical to development and better life. The previous meeting Towards EFA 2015 and Beyond: Shaping a New Vision for Education has also highlighted the fact that improving learning should be central to future development agendas.

But it must be recognized that perspectives on “learning” - what it is, what it should include and how it should be delivered, vary across cultures, disciplines and age-groups. The November meeting “Rethinking Learning in a Changing World” will therefore bring together renowned educationists, learning scientists, and economists from across the Asia-Pacific region and beyond to engage in a multi-disciplinary dialogue on learning. It’s also critical that the voice of young people be reflected in the discussion on and shaping of the future of learning and subsequently in the debate on the education goals and strategies beyond 2015.

This is a call for your support and an opportunity for you to make a difference – help the UN rethink learning in a changing world.

This contest is open to all who consider themselves ‘young people’ and who reside in Asia and the Pacific.

Entries can be submitted in English. In case of a video/film, any spoken text in other languages should be accompanied with English subtitles.

Entries can be made in two categories: A: Video/film; B: Written article.

Only one entry per category may be submitted on behalf of a single individual or organisation. Please note: contestants cannot win in both categories (video/film and written article).


  • Up to three minutes in length and of high quality

  • Must include a credit section acknowledging all those involved in the production and any clips/music developed by an outside party

If you are to use any clips and/or music published by an outside party, you must obtain explicit written permission for the use of such material in your video. Please provide UNESCO with proof of permission upon your submission.

Submit your video online at http://www.dropbox.com or similar services together with a short description and send to betterlearning@unesco.org or submit your DVD via post to:

UNESCO Bangkok
Education Policy and Reform Unit
920 Sukhumvit Road, Prakanong, Klongtoey
Bangkok 10110, Thailand


  • 1,000 words maximum

  • Reference all cited passages

  • Must be in electronic text form

Please email to betterlearning@unesco.org or post to the address mentioned above.


Two winners will be selected (one for video/film and one for written article).

Both winners will receive a tablet computer and their entries will feature in the said meeting and in UNESCO media.

For more details and registration form, please download the FLYER or contact the Education Policy and Reform Unit, UNESCO Bangkok

 Source: UNESCO Bangkok