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24 Nov 2019

Athens | Xooth Festival 2019 - call for submissions

Artens Cultural Centre in Athens organizes ΞΟΥΘ Festival (Xooth Festival), under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports. The festival aims to contribute against discrimination, inequalities and marginalization and to promote social coherence and participatory culture. It draws inspiration from I. Pitsipios novel Monkey Xooth or the morals of the century (1848) in which Bartholdy, a well known traveller of the 19th century commits a crime, loses his voice and escapes to a far away place. There, the contemplation of his crime and the hard conditions in nature leave their marks on him so much, that, when he is captured, he gets classified as a ‘monkey’ and is sold to various young male masters of the era to serve them as a servant.

We invite those interested, not necessarily artists, to submit a proposal for performances up to 20 minutes (theatre, dance, visual/performance art, music/voice, storytelling, poetry, fashion, body art, live games), installations, comic (total 2 sq.m.), photos (42x60 cm max), film up to 20 minutes (fiction, animation, documentary up to 45 minutes), videos up to 5 minutes, digital art, VR works, sound art/environments, textile art, experimental media.

ΞΟΥΘ Festival will be taking place from the 18th to Sunday 22nd  December 2019 in Athens, in a building (Voukourestiou 33) opening solely for the purposes of the festival (700 sq. m.)  and at ARTENS cultural centre (Voukourestiou 40).

Keywords that your works need to respond to:

  • unclassified, resisting taxonomies, uncanny, obscure, ambiguous,
  • entity, creature, avatar,
  • emerging differences and minorities, inequalities, the vulnerable,
  • the animal as human, the human as animal, wild creature, pet, the animal as a friend, as a tyrant, animal rights, plant rights, live beings rights,
  • beauty, ugliness, démodé,  mainstream, trendy, eccentric,
  • cosmopolitan, tourist, traveller, immigrant, refugee, nomad, pariah,
  • primitive, evolved, underdeveloped

To submit a proposal please send your proposal until Sunday 24th November 2019

Download guidelines

Please note: 

  • Expenses of transfer and presentation will not be covered. Participants should proceed to their own financial arrangements for their participation.

Voukourestiou 40, Athens

T: 0030 210 33 17 312

For more information, please reach:
Evi Peterson – Art Director & Managing Partner
T: 210 33 17 312, 6944 166 246
Ε: artensxouthfestival@yahoo.com