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30 Jun 2011

Asian Project Market (Busan, Korea)

Pusan Promotion Plan (PPP) is reborn as Asian Project Market (APM). PPP, where promising directors and producers of Asia are given opportunities to meet with co-producers or financiers, changes its official name to APM as of 2011. The Asian Project Market perfectly matches with what PPP has grown up into since the PPP has established itself as the biggest & important pre-market in Asia for the last 13 years.


A feature-length fiction film project in any stage of production

(Scenario stage, Pre-production, Production stage, Post-production stage)

* The project completed before the APM 2011 is not eligible.

* Only those projects not fully financed are eligible

How to Apply:

1. Fill out APM On-line submission form

2 Sending DVD of director’s previous work via courier mail

* In case of having difficulties to access the application page, please contact APM Team.