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01 Dec 2011

Asian Borderlands Research Network conference | call for papers


The 3rd Conference of the Asian Borderlands Research Network on CONNECTIONS, CORRIDORS, AND COMMUNITIES will be held in October 2012 in Kunming, China - call for papers (deadline Dec 1 2011)

The third conference of the Asian Borderlands Research Network under the title Connections, Corridors, and Communities, organized by the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS), The Netherlands and Yunnan University, China, will take place in Kunming, China on 12 - 15 October 2012.

IIAS invites submissions that address continuities and ruptures along routes and borders in Asia, broadly related to the theme, "Connections, Corridors, and Communities".

  • Connections: How are Asian borderlands made more (or less) visible through the study of cross-border connections? In what ways does the idea of the "borderland" remain resilient throughout political and historical ruptures? What are the characteristics of various kinds of connections that are being created (as well as cut off) in Asian borderlands?

  • Corridors: Are networks and paths throughout Asian borderlands being forged, reopened, diverted, or closed, and what are the effects of such processes? Can one conceive of "corridors" in relation to maritime or island borderlands, information technology networks, or bodily borders in Asia?

  • Communities: What constitutes a "community" or "communities" in and across Asian borderlands, and how might these be contingent upon other factors, such as politics, environmental issues, and history? What are some of the barriers and restrictions to the creation of communities in the context of Asian borderlands? In what ways is a community defined by the state, by organizations, and/or by local individuals?

Submissions are invited from scholars, writers, policy researchers, artists, filmmakers, activists, the media, and others from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds. Interested candidates are invited to submit conceptually innovative papers, based on new research, in order to develop new perspectives in the study of Asian Borderlands. Since only a small number of individual papers will be selected candidates are encouraged to submit a full panel or roundtable proposal by 1 December 2011.

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