22 Sep 2017

Asia Culture Center, Korea | Residency Open Call

The "ASEM Creative Industry Young Leadership Network" at the ACT Center under the Asia Culture Center (ACC) invites young creators from Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) countries, who work with Interactive Art, Sound Art, & Craft Design, to join their Residency Camp. As part of the efforts to establish exchange & cooperation between Asia & Europe, the Camp will bring together artists/creators between the ages 19 and 39, who are involved in startups and other projects in the cultural industry.

The selected participants will engage in diverse programs over the course of a month both at and near the ACC located in Gwangju, Korea. Programs include lectures and discussions on the creative industry, networking sessions with startups, idea mentoring related to convergence content, brainstorming invention prototypes, showcases, demo day pitches by major startups and more.

In addition, the participants will be provided with a wide range of support by the host:

  • Free accommodation

  • Free access to ACT Center studios

  • 1 round-trip airfare

  • Stipends will be provided

The ACC will select 6 artists/creators (3 from Asia & 3 from Europe) for this open call.

Please read more details about the Residency here:  2017 ASEM Cultural Industry Young Leadership Network Initiative Open Call

Please fill out the application form: 2017 ASEM Creative Industry Young Leadership Network Application Form

All applications and supporting documents must be sent by email to: asem@aci-k.kr by 22 September 2017

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