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30 Jun 2021

ASEAN-ROK Culture Innovation Joint Project - production grants

ASEAN-ROK Culture Innovation Joint Project aims to stimulate a meaningful partnership among ASEAN countries and Korea in the field of culture and contemporary technologies. Eligible organisations should apply now for production grants.

To this end, this grants will be provided for public-minded projects that are carried out with ASEAN-ROK's cultural resources and contemporary technologies. A wide range of arts disciplines are covered - see guidelines for details.

The project also has the ambition to contribute to the process of creating a network of experts who are competent in doing ground-breaking research projects in the aforementioned fields.

 (Title) ASEAN-ROK Culture Innovation Joint Project - Production Grants

 (Application Period) 30 June 2021 / 18:00 KST

DEADLINE: 30 June 2021 / 18:00 KST

● (Objective) Providing financial support for joint, public minded-projects in culture and the arts that are conducted using ASEAN-ROK's cultural resources and contemporary technologies

- Cultural resources: literature, art, music, dance, theater, film, traditional music, photography, architecture, language, etc.

- Public-mindedness: cooperation and partnered growth among Korea and ASEAN states, environmental conservation (carbon neutrality, etc.), embracing of multiculturalism, etc.

● (Eligibilities) Public or private organizations (corporations/associations) working in the arts & culture, or science & technologies

※ Eligible project types

① Digitalizing of ASEAN/Korean cultural resources, or project on arts & culture that is characterized by public-mindedness

② Project that favors an experimental stance on the blending of culture/arts and technology and advocates the realization of public values

③ Online collaboration that is conducive to the international exchange paradigm of the post-COVID-19 era

④ Project that has features/aspects in common with the theme* of the 2021 ASEAN-ROK Culture Innovation Summit * “ASEAN and Korean Citizens: Growth via Culture and Technology” (working title)

 (Provided support) funding for project implementation, operational costs (up to KRW 100 million per project)

● (Application Type) a. New creation/production b. Re-creation(Adaptation)