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31 Dec 2016

Arts at CERN | residencies for artists from Korea, Croatia, Switzerland


ARTS AT CERN announces three new open calls, giving artists from Korea, Croatia and Switzerland the chance to conduct research at CERN as part of its COLLIDE and ACCELERATE residencies.

Two new international partners have joined the ACCELERATE programme, for a one-month, country-specific residency:

  • the Arts Council Korea (ARKO), from South Korea

  • KONTEJNER, bureau of contemporary art praxis from Zagreb, Croatia.

“As both art and science are adept at revealing new ideas about the world, it is important to consider that this is a vital role played out in the CERN residencies. In the sixth year of ARTS AT CERN, I am convinced that there is still a broad scope for artistic enquiries into particle physics, and many new approaches to be explored,” said Monica Bello, Head of ARTS AT CERN. “I am thrilled to announce the new residency awards today with partners in Croatia and South Korea for the ACCELERATE programme, and Switzerland for COLLIDE; and to continue working with outstanding organizations such as KONTEJNER, ARKO and Pro Helvetia.”

Under the ACCELERATE programme, with the support of ARKO, ARTS AT CERN will invite a South Korean visual artist to come to CERN and learn the scientific approach for understanding our universe.  At the same time, with KONTEJNER, CERN will open its doors to a Croatian artist who wishes to, through in-depth exploration of high-energy physics, use the residency to reflect how science affects artistic practice.

The two open calls are for artists to win a one-month research stay at CERN.

Deadline for applications by South Korean artists: 31 December 2016

Deadline for applications for Croatian artists: 11 January 2017

ARTS AT CERN’s flagship programme, the COLLIDE Pro Helvetia award, is also now calling for entries, continuing the collaboration with the Swiss Arts Council, Pro Helvetia, and calling for all Swiss artists to apply for a three-month residency at CERN.

The open call for COLLIDE Pro Helvetia goes to artists who were born, live or work in Switzerland, and work in the discipline of interactive digital art. The winning artist will take part in a three-month residency where creative collisions between arts and science are thriving.  The winner will also receive a stipend of 15,000 CHF. The deadline for this application is 11 January 2016.

“Science, arts and technology are key disciplines in understanding and shaping today’s culture. CERN is proud to be part of that movement, by collaborating with international institutions to foster interactions between our scientists and artists from around the globe,” said CERN Director for International Relations, Charlotte Warakaulle.

For online submissions for artists go to: arts.cern

ARTS AT CERN is the leading art and science programme promoting the dialogue between artists and particle physics. It fosters the creation of new expert knowledge in the arts by extending artists' practice in connection with fundamental research.

Image: CERN cooling systems for the Large Hadron Collider.