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17 Jun 2015

Arteles - Finland | Neo Future residencies


Arteles has a call for NEO FUTURE - a special theme residency programme for artists and creators of the future, especially from the fields of  Sci-Fi | New Media | Electronic Sound | Design | Literature | Visual Arts | Concept Art | Science. 1-2 month residencies in March & April 2016.

Deadline for applications: 17 June 2015

Alternate Futures 

Utopians, dark dystopians, transhumanists and cyborgs. Space travel and other galaxies. Singularity. Retro-futurism and future societies – after artificial intelligence, after apocalypse, after art?

Neo Future program brings together international, future-oriented artists & creators. Located in the middle of nowhere in rural Finland, Arteles Creative Center serves as the ideal place to envision, outline and work on your own futuristic sceneries and scenarios. Share approaches and get inspired with other artists and visionaires willing to go beyond here & now, to come up with something 'neo'.

The pre-defined structure of the program is flexible. Depending on your own preference and interests, you can aim at on-site collaborations, or concentrate intensively on your own practice and ideas. In either case, the emphasis is on your own creative process and development – there is no pressure to produce finalized works.

Creative Space in the Nature

Arteles Creative Center is located in Haukijärvi, a part of the rural county of Hämeenkyrö in Finland. The region represents authentic Finnish countryside with beautiful landscapes, forests and lakes. Many artists have found the place, its soundscape and atmosphere so inspiring that it will become part of their work one way or the other.

In March and April, the Finnish Winter is finally easening up its grip and the nature starts to wake up from its sleep. The amount of daylight is growing rapidly. The Milky Way, shooting stars and satellites are clearly visible on the dark night sky. If you are lucky, you may even catch the Northern lights – early Spring is a peak season for them.

NOTE: Arteles offers partial financial support for the residency stays. Artists must cover the costs of the financial balance, for travel etc.