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13 Jun 2013

The 8th Cheongju International Craft Competition | Korea


The Cheongju International Craft Biennale aims to open a new prospect of craft for the future through the Craft Competition.

The biennale expects innovative interpretations, challenging spirits, blending among genres by the participation of competent artists who can lead new discourses with their diverse and creative works.

Offering 145 million KRW for the monetary award in total,the 2013 Cheongju International Craft Competition will archive the works of the winners and precede the management of the chosen artists.

Please join the 8th Cheongju International Craft Competition to check the emerging trend of the contemporary craftsmanship and network with the inspirational artists from across the globe.

Call for International Entry

Venue: Choengju, South Korea

Exhibit Dates: 11 Sep - 20 Oct 2013

Awards: Total 145 mil Korean Won (Before Taxes)

Grand Prize / 1pc / KRW 50,000,000

Gold Prize / 2pcs / KRW 20,000,000

Silver Prize / 3pcs / KRW 10,000,000

Bronze Prize / 5pcs / KRW 5,000,000

Special Citation / Multiple

Honorable Mention / Multiple

Eligibility: Open to all genres of craftsmanship

Entry : www.okcj.org

Fees: None

*1st Preliminary Screening (artwork image uploading) Due: 30 May - 13 June

*2nd Real Artwork Submission: 3 July – 18 July