01 Apr 2017

2018 International Ibsen Awards | call for nominations

Open call for nominations for the 2018 International Ibsen Award.   You are welcome to nominate an individual, institution or organization that you think has brought a new artistic dimension to the world of drama or theatre.

Who can nominate

The committee welcomes nominations and will consider these after the deadline expires April 1st 2017. The committee members travel worldwide to see performances linked to nominated parties and have several meetings before deciding on a winner.

The right to nominate is open to everyone, though self nominations are not accepted. Nominations are strictly confidential. By submitting, you agree not to disclose the nomination to the nominee or to others until after the winner is announced.

The prize is awarded every two years, and the winner receives 2.5 million Norwegian kroner (approx. €300,000). There are no conditions attached to accepting the prize. A winner is announced in connection to Ibsen’s birthday 20th March, with the official award ceremony and press conference taking place at the National Theatre’s Ibsen Festival the following September.

The nomination letter must be written in English and contain a biography or CV of the nominee and well-founded arguments explaining how and why the individual, institution or organisation has brought a new artistic dimension to the world of drama or theatre. It must also contain two or three suggested referees who know and can provide additional information about the candidate’s work.

Take a look at the previous winners

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