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15 Aug 2014

Virtual Collection of Asian Masterpieces: New Website!

VCM New Logo VCM New Website The Virtual Collection of Asian Masterpieces (VCM) uses the Internet and masterpieces of Asian origin in the collections of its contributing museums to promote mutual understanding and appreciation between peoples of various and different cultures. More than 120 museums from 50 countries have already contributed a selection of masterpieces from their collections. These finest examples of Asian creativity present compelling images and information and allow the telling of forceful stories. Stories that draw attention to the similarities and differences between civilisations. Stories that enhance mutual understanding of cultural differences and highlight similarities. Stories that stimulate dialogue between peoples and illuminate their histories. Originally an ASEMUS project, the VCM was first launched in 2007. Its website has recently been renewed with the support of the Korean company Naver. With a more user-friendly design and better access to portable devices, the new website provides enhanced access to the large database of Asian Masterpieces. Weekly news, a calendar of events, stories and videos of curators presenting an Asian Masterpieces from their museum’s collection are also available. In addition, the website continues to feature the Masterpiece of the Day, which can also be seen on the VCM’s Facebook profile. Bringing together both large and small museums, participants in the VCM share 2200 Masterpieces of Asian culture online overall. The VCM is currently led by a consortium of 5 Asian and European museums, which make up the VCM Board of Trustees: The new website of the VCM can be visited at