11 Dec 2010

UK: Japan | Atelier Interaction Residency Programme

Fountain and P3 Art and Environment (Tokyo) are proud to present a new residency initiative between the UK & Japan.

Working with academic partner Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design as well as key cultural partner institutions in both countries, the Atelier programme is designed to attract some of the UK's leading contemporary artists, curators and creative practitioners to Japan.  Encompassing residencies in unique sites such as Fukuoka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nagasaki and Tokyo, the Atelier programme will provide a network of collaborative, crossover and cultural exchange opportunities in addition to links between both countries that extend international prospects to emerging and established art and design professionals facilitating the exchange of ideas through practice.

Bringing together the complete life cycle of art production, from production to dissemination, exhibition and interpretation, the Atelier programme will allow artists to extend their practice by testing new ideas in public with a focus on projects that exist outside the gallery environment and which, on one level or another, converse in social space and in opposition to the traditional museum or institution building, in multiple locations, resonating with culture and opening up new dialogues.

The pilot residency in the magical and historic Hot Spring Capital’ of Japan, (別府市, Beppu-shi) involving young emerging artist Sarah Tse culminated in an exhibition in Beppu, followed by a tour of the work to the acclaimed Konya 2023 Gallery, Fukuoka and Nakaochiai Gallery, Tokyo.

Artists currently shortlisted for the 2011-2013 programme include Adam Chodzko, David Blandy, Bob and Roberta Smith and Sophie Lisa Beresford.

The residency programme is one of a number of exciting outcomes from last years Visiting Arts' Cultural Leadership Exchange Placement Programme. This saw Keith Whittle, International Projects, Central Saint Martins and director of Fountain undertake a 3-month placement in Beppu, Japan.

Please contact Keith Whittle Atelier co-director for further information on the programme at www.fountainprojects.co.uk

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