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01 May 2015 - 12 Jul 2015

Travelling the World . Art from Germany | Busan

ifa-exhibition The ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) exhibition Travelling the World . Art from Germany can be seen at Busan Museum of Art, Korea from 1 May - 12 July 2015. It presents contemporary artworks from the ifa Collection, from 1949 to the present. Drawing on the impressive collection of contemporary art of the ifa, curators Matthias Flügge and Matthias Winzen have compiled an overview that traces artistic key developments in Germany since 1949, and present 400 works of art by over 100 artists. The presentation of works of art from East and West Germany, brought together for the first time in such density, breaks with the artistically ineffective FRG-GDR-schism. The actual development of art does not conform to the model of political history, as many artistic parallels and underlying relations have revealed. The history of photography since the 1950s can be succinctly presented from the ifa collection. What the East-West opposition has exposed is that East German photography was the most independent visual genre within the centralist system. Information is available on the exhibition in German and Korean on the Busan Goethe-Institut website and on the Busan Museum of Art website