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01 Feb 2011 - 06 Feb 2011

transmediale | new media festival

In the first week of February, Berlin's House of World Cultures hosts transmediale.11 RESPONSE:ABILITY!  with a dynamic programme of cutting edge artworks, live performance and leading thinkers from around the world. transmediale.11 addresses the ways in which our digital culture is radically redefining our physical presence and the ways in which we interact as interdependent global communities. By looking at the emergent forms of bio-political, economic and affective dimensions of a society increasingly manifesting itself live and online transmediale.11 reaches beyond the Web 2.0 era, examining the Internet in terms of the abilities and potentials available to its users, not only to participate but to actively shape it as contemporary society's central zone of inquiry, creative and cultural development - while pushing the urgent need to defend it from restrictive political and legal intervention. Manifested  through open studios, challenging workshops and temporary project offices run by leading artists and international experts from the open technology and creative sectors such as Kelly Sutton, Heath Bunting, Mushon Zer-Aviv, Elizabeth Stark, Peter Sunde, MODD_R and the Open Design City transmediale probes and expands our abilities to respond to the volatility and constant flux of digital life. Helping along the way will be Angel_F, the digitally conceived spyware entity born through the technological-sensual relationship between Biodoll and Derrick de Kerckhove. Joining the BODY:RESPONSE conference renowned speakers, researchers and activists such as BIFO / Franco Berardi, Maurizio Lazzarato, Tim Etchells, Jordan Crandall, Mark Hansen, Carolyn Guertin and Paul Vanouse will be leading a debate into the ways in which we as physical autonomous entities, challenged by the redefinitions of space and an increasing "dematerialisation" through our digital presence ultimately experience space, reality and our digitally extended being. Daily screenings of curated film and video programmes and a special Sunday matinee featuring an early example of affective cinema, join the week-long programme of inspiring talks, performances, actions and installations by internationally celebrated artists including Les Liens Invisibles, Heather Kelley, Daito Manabe , Ursula Endlicher,, Christin Lahr, Evan Roth and the HONF collective from Indonesia. At Test Signals, organised by the trans-national non-profit Sourcefabric, radio-makers and activists will come together in panels and workshops to discuss the future of radio in the digital age. As a special annual highlight the winners of the transmediale.11 award competitions will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on 5 February 2011: outstanding and critical artworks with the transmediale Award, exemplary media research works with the Vilém Flusser Theory Award, and radically innovative projects defining and developing the open Net with the new Open Web Award. Want to know more about transmediale? Read this Culture360 article by Gustaff H. Iskandar from Bandung Center for New Media Arts, Indonesia about transmediale.10 Read this Culture360 article by Europe Editor Judith Staines about transmediale.10