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30 Jan 2014 - 15 Feb 2014

Toulouse | Festival Made in Asia | focus on Viet Nam

18-nguyen-hatsushiba-cyclo-film Since 2008, the festival Made in Asia offers an opportunity to discover the cultures of Asia, by inviting to Toulouse artists and high level cultural specialists from Asia. In 2014, the Made in Asia Festival discovers Viet Nam, as part of the Year of Viet Nam in France. With a strong programming of arts and culture from Viet Nam, the 2014 festival also includes artists and works from China, Japan, Myanmar and India. The festival launches with the lunar new year and runs from 30 January - 15 February 2014. The festival includes theatre, music, film, visual arts, literature, food and more. Check out the exhibition programme Viet Nam Next which presents a series of exhibitions in different locations, also in other cities in France, to demonstrate the vitality of contemporary Vietnamese art and includes works by:
  • Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba’s work is lyrical, fascinating and profound. In his underwater films or in Breathing is free: 12,756.3, his new project in which the artist plans to run 12,756 kms. around the world, saturated colours, choreographic movements and a hypnotic soundtrack mingle. The questions of history, culture and identity in globalization are always present.
  • Tiffany Chung’s cartographic and installation works examine conflict, migration, urban progress and transformation in relation to history and cultural memory, exploring the recovery and growth of specific cities that were traumatized by war or natural disaster. Chung’s early colorful photographic work fabricates fictive scenarios with multilayered narratives where the psychosis of contemporary culture is playfully provoked.
  • Maika Elan recently obtained an award at the World Press Photo in Amsterdam. Her magnificent portraits of homosexual couples, photographed in their apartments, reveal an artist whose universal language radiates a very Asian sensitivity.
Read more about the festival on the Year of Viet Nam in France site (in French) Image: © Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba