07 Jun 2017

Spotlight on Cebu - Creative City

The Creative City South blog - "telling inspiring stories about culture, creativity and innovation in cities of the global south" - has a focus on Cebu in the Philippines, a designated Creative City.  A series of articles look at Cebu through the cultural complexities, creative assets and policy issues which inform its current development.

In this first series on Cebu, Creative City South focuses on its creative city designation.  We look at how this plays out in the rich and complex culture of the Cebu metropolitan with its challenges of poverty, infrastructure decay and divide.  We explore its vibrant creative scene which is building new models of economic sustainability into its practice.  Lastly, there is a reflection on what it may mean to work to be the best Creative City for yourself.

The article looks at Cebu as a Creative City, as a Cultural City, a city where spaces make places and considers the Cebu creative city initiative in relation to cultural policy.

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