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13 Jul 2010 - 03 Oct 2010

Spanish contemporary art exhibition in Korea

The Shadow of Speech .  MACBA Collection (La Sombra del Habla . Coleccion MACBA) exhibition of contemporary art at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul introduces to the Korean audience contemporary artistic practices of Spain and its future by featuring major artworks selected from the collections of Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA). MACBA opened its door in 1995 as one of the leading contemporary art museums in Spain and concentrates on and cherishes contemporary artists and their artworks. Its collections have given emphasis to particular themes rather than a chronological approach to its acquisitions.  Now, its result can be observed at this exhibition presented by National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Spain- Korea diplomatic ties. As an independent entity, language is of semantic being in itself and at the same time can breed a wide and different range of meanings in works of art. In artworks, the existences of those meanings manifest themselves like shadows and the shade. In this exhibition, MACBA examines the diverse relationships between language and artworks and literature, politics and the mass media, and presents them through eight different subtopics including poetry, writing, activism, political expressions, the media, theatre and cinema.