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02 Apr 2011 - 03 Apr 2011

SonarSound Tokyo | Sonar 2011 Barcelona

The 4th SonarSound Tokyo is maintaining its schedule and hopes both to contribute to the recovery of normal life in the Japanese capital, and to pay tribute to the victims of the recent catastrophe. Sonar, in agreement with Beatnik, its Japanese partner, has decided to go ahead with SonarSound Tokyo. The close links between Sonar and Japan since the festival's early days have been vital in the decisions involved in managing the event at this delicate point in time. SonarSound Tokyo is a Japanese festival and in view of the country's efforts and desire to restore normality to life in Tokyo, Sonar feels that it should make a contribution by maintaining its scheduled dates.  Sonar sincerely thanks you for your support and once again wish to pass on our deepest sympathy to all of those who have suffered or been affected by these tragic events. On the basis that the festival should make a positive contribution for victims of the catastrophe, Sonar will be donating 25% of the money from tickets sold for Sonar Barcelona and Sonar Galicia between 23 March and 1 April to the Japanese Red Cross. We have also determined that profits from SonarSound Tokyo will be donated and that we will be collecting donations from artists, venue, suppliers and guests. SonarSound Tokyo 2011 SonarSound Tokyo 2011 will take place in ageHa-Studio Coast on 2 and 3 April, as initially scheduled, with a line-up of the highest level which features several of the most important artists on the international scene and strong contingent of Japanese musicians. Sonar 2011 Tickets for Sonar 2011 International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art in Barcelona on 16-18 June are now on sale. Check the full programme on the website. Alongside the festival SonarPro is the meeting point for professionals in the music industry and technologies applied to audiovisual and new media art.