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25 Aug 2011

Slovenian artists pink invasion of Korea and Europe


Visual theatre group Ljud from Slovenia wowed audiences in Korea's Hi-Seoul Festival in May 2011 and are touring theatre festivals in cities and small towns in Europe this summer - check out what happens when a troupe of pink aliens invade public and personal space and shake up the place with their special blend of love and anarchy.

After the tour to Seoul, Ljud have been performing in Russia, Norway, Spain, Slovenia, Scotland, Austria, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark. Still to come in 2011 - the pink virus arrives in Malmo, Sweden (25-26 August), Amersfoort, Netherlands (27-28 August) and Ghent, Belgium (3-4 September).

Ljud hope to return to Korea and are actively seeking contacts with street theatre and other festival events in Japan and other parts of Asia for 2012.