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24 May 2011

Singapore - UK cross cultural partnership in the arts

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On May 18 2011, the Singapore International Foundation (SIF) and the British Council (BC) entered into a two-year collaboration to promote cross-cultural understanding between the people of Singapore and the United Kingdom (UK) through arts and cultural exchanges.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the partnership will enable the exchange of ideas and perspectives amongst artists, curators, academics and thought leaders of Singapore and the UK through residential exchanges, artist collaborations, cultural organisation partnerships and distinguished artists visits.

This partnership with the BC marks a significant addition to the SIF’s growing global network of institutional partnerships aimed at promoting understanding and forging relationships between Singapore and world communities.

Key areas of collaboration include:

a) Residential Exchanges: BC-SIF AiRx (Artist-in-Residence exchange) programme will enable regular exchanges and sharing of insights between artists from both countries. Joint collaborative works are envisaged to be developed and presented in both Singapore and the UK

b) International Artist Collaboration: Singapore and UK artists will co-produce collaborative works underpinned by multi-layered sharing of insights, and research

c) Cultural Organisation Partnerships: Cultural organisations in Singapore and the UK are brought together to be part of a network to share information and resources

d) Distinguished Artists Visits: Creative thought leaders from Singapore and the UK will share ideas and perspectives to engage the public of UK and Singapore respectively.
The SIF-British Council collaboration is envisaged to enrich the tapestry of strong relations between Singapore and the UK. Given our common mission of building friendships with world communities, and the premium both our organisations place on partnerships and people-to-people exchanges, we are excited by the prospects of achieving so much more together,” says Jean Tan, Executive Director of SIF.

This is the first of such collaboration for the SIF, and similar partnerships with other major international cultural organisations are also in the works.

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