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20 Oct 2013 - 19 Dec 2013

Shanghai | West Bund 2013 | Biennial of Architecture and Contemporary Art



The West Bund Architecture and Contemporary Art Biennale 2013 is held in the waterfront of Xuhui District, Shanghai (October 20 - December 19). The biennial is rooted in the past of West Bund and it also brings together thoughts of architecture and art to explore further development with this area. For the first West Bund Biennial, curators have invited architects and artists all over the world who use architects and art to experiment with the urban development. The exhibition gives pride to pre-fab & in-situ in architecture construction, and retrospective on reflecta of China, both in the architecture field and art field, even society. As an emerging biennale that combines architecture with contemporary art, West Bund 2013 is Asia’s first international, interdisciplinary avant-garde art exhibition. We also host themed special exhibitions devoted to Chinese architecture, sound art, video art and avant-garde theatre and try to catalogue the problematic, creative typography and trends of development of these four avant-garde cultures at the turn of the 21st century. By doing so we hope we can highlight the self-regeneration and experimental creative spirit of Chinese society. The advantage of the Biennale rests upon its structural implication of starting from scratch. "West Bank 2013", as its first exhibition, lays focus on three aspects: space construction, artistic production and future imagination. With the theme of Reflecta and Fabrica, the biennale covers artistic forms including architecture, contemporary art and theatre and incorporates tools such as sounds, videos, spaces, devices, performance, etc.. Making use of the West Bank, it aims at forging an international forefront for cross-domain art, creating a high-end platform for urban culture and building the largest outdoor art museum in the new century. Read more about the Curators, the Artists and the Architects who participate in West Bund 2013.