News & events > Shanghai International Film Festival
11 Jun 2011 - 19 Jun 2011

Shanghai International Film Festival

The Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF), founded in 1993, is China’s only A-category international film festival accredited by the FIAPF. In the circumstance of globalization, China’s film industry grows rapidly. SIFF devotes itself to building up an international platform with four main programs including Competition, SIFF Mart, SIFFORUM, and International Film Panorama, in an effort to promote the industry development and enhance cooperation with the rest of the world. Supported by the booming economy and rising international status, Chinese film has drawn attention from all over the world for its role in lifting the country’s soft power. Every June, the Shanghai International Film Festival is a must-see event for filmmakers and has established its reputation for its influence to present a multicultural film fair.

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