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04 Oct 2017 - 04 Oct 2017

Shanghai: International Council of Museums conference 2010

The General Conference of ICOM is held every three years. It is the most important meeting for the ICOM mutual sharing, learning with Museums of the world, advancing the cause of sustainable development of the Museum. The 22nd General Conference of the ICOM will be held from 7th to 13th Nov, 2010 in Shanghai, China. The theme of ICOM is “Museums for Social Harmony”. Museums in the 21st Century are at the cross roads of major transformations in the global economy and environment. They are in a position to address the urgent need for safeguarding cultural diversity and bio-diversity as the common heritage of humanity. The preferred futures across the world are for Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability. Museums have a role to play as mediators in these transformations in promoting social harmony. ICOM 2010 will bring together a range of expertise from across the world to encourage new models of collaboration that provide opportunities for members to contribute to museum development addressing all forms of heritage: tangible, intangible, movable, immovable, cultural and natural. The museum will be considered as a process, as a forum and as a construct. There will be special emphasis on appropriate capacity building for promoting cultural exchanges and future project development. In order to encourage the participation of young ICOM members, especially those living in developing countries/emerging economies (professionals under 40 years who work full-time in a museum) ICOM has a Travel Grants programme for the conference. Grants will cover travel and accommodation.  Travel grant applications must be submitted by December 31 2009. Application guidelines for travel bursaries: