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28 Nov 2019

Relaunch of TheApro - Korean performing arts platform

TheApro, an online platform for Korean performing arts, is newly re-opened.

Congratulatory messages from performing arts experts have been sent on the occasion of its reopening. The messages are from Mr. Park Byung-sung, director of the Korean monthly musical magazine ’The Musical’, Ms. Anupama Sekhar, culture department director of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), Ms. Han Ji-young, programmer of the Jeonju International Sori Festival, Ms. Koh Jooyoung, independent producer who ran TheApro and Ms. Marie Le Sourd, secretary-general of On the Move who was a member of the international editorial committee of TheApro.In response to the messages from those who care about this online platform, TheApro will serve as an essential portal for those in the global performing arts scene, thus becoming a main venue of international exchange.

TheApro has been a very valuable medium promoting outstanding Korean artists and their works on the world stage. It is an essential medium in this era of globalization and its role is increasingly earning high expectations. I hope that TheApro serves as a venue to discuss the world’s performing art trends and to meet international artists in various settings, in addition to playing its existing role.

Park Byung-sung / Director of ’The Musical’

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Image: Korean contemporary dance company Modern Table performs “Velocity,” or “Sok-do” in Korea, left, at the 300-seat The Place in London on May 31, right. [THE PLACE]