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11 Oct 2012 - 10 Nov 2012

Project Glocal 2012 | Manila Singapore Bangkok Hong Kong

projectglocal2012 is a cross cultural multi-locale art project that ushers conversations between "city" artists from Bangkok, HongKong, Manila and Singapore through a series of small talks and exhibits in the four cities. This project's main objective is to explore intersections of city living as habits, traditions and imagined realities at a time when boundaries between local and global becomes blurred by econo-airfares, the internet and other vehicles of physical, cerebral and social diaspora. The project opened in July 2011.  It was formally launched through a satellite exhibit+talk titled SMALL TALK: CONVERSATION OF CITIES at Tin-aw Gallery ( in January 13, 2012.  This is to be followed by another satellite exhibit+talk titled HABIT FORMING at Artinformal ( in May 31, 2012.  Two major exhibit+public forum will be held at University of the Philippines' Jorge Vargas Museum ( in October 11 and Singapore Art Museum 8Q( in November 16, 2012.  2013 activities will be discussed in October .