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16 Aug 2012

PhotoContest | Austria | Claudia Fritz | 7 Photos

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Nothing could be seen clearly anymore. I was surrounded by long shadows. The jungle had suddenly become still, which made the rustles and screams here and there worsen. (Yossi Ghinsberg)
The photographs in the Jungle series present a view on everyday and omnipresent visual incidents. Trees and bushes cast their shadows onto various surfaces.
Jungle focuses on the convergence and the interference of nature and culture, of what has naturally grown and what man has planned, as well as their changing interplay over the course of time.
However, at the heart of this work is the pleasure of observing; detecting similarities, noticing how a surface suddenly becomes three-dimensional, or identifying familiar shapes that seem to emerge from random patterns; in the constant flow of visual stimuli a feeling of surprise and confusion emerges.
The photographs have been made in and around Innsbruck (Tyrol, Austria, Europe) between November 2009 and July 2011.

Claudia Fritz

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